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Star Trek?Vi: The<Undiscovered Country

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MessagePosté le: Jeu 2 Juin - 04:25 (2016)    Sujet du message: Star Trek?Vi: The<Undiscovered Country Répondre en citant

Star Trek Vi: The Undiscovered Country > shorl.com/tregobabramuhi

Star Trek Vi: The Undiscovered Country

Retrieved October 3, 2008."Hamlet: But that the dread of something after death/The undiscovered country from whose bourn/No traveller returns, puzzles the will/And makes us rather bear those ills we have/Than fly to others that we know not of?" ^ Meyer (2002). Hvasta Leonardi - Assistant Makeup Artist Jeff Kleeman - Development and Production Executive for Paramount Pictures Norman Ludwin - Musician: Bass Iain McCaig - ILM Storyboard Artist Mike McCarty (for Dilligent Dwarves Effects Lab) - FX artist: Ran parts for Klingon costumes Steve Neill - Special Makeup Effects Artist Scott Schneider - Model Maker Marlene Stoller - Hair Artist Rick Stratton - Makeup Artist Todd Tucker - Special Make-Up Effects Artist Danny Valencia - Hair Stylist Karen Westerfield - Prosthetic Makeup Artist Philip Weyland - Dialogue Coach References Edit Adam and Eve Expelled from Paradise; advocate; aide-de-camp; Alpha Quadrant; arthritis; artificial gravity; Beta Quadrant; boat; boatswain's whistle; bridge; budget; Caesar, Julius; Camp Khitomer; chameloid; chancellor; China; Christ, Jesus; cloaking device, Klingon; club; coat; coffee; colonel; commander in chief; commandant; communications station; Concise History of the Klingon Empire, A; confiscation; court recorder; crew quarters; Davis (Crewman); deflector shield; dilithium; Earth; Earth Cold War; Enterprise-A, USS; Excelsior-class; Excelsior, USS; Excelsior, USS personnel; eyepatch; Federation President; Federation-Klingon Cold War; forgery; France; galley; Garden of Eden; gavel; gravitational field; gravity boot; gulag; Hamlet; handcuffs; Hitler, Adolf; Human rights; interstellar law; Introduction to Klingon Grammar; jackal mastiff; K't'inga-class; Khitomer; Khitomer Accords; Khitomer Conference; Khitomer conspiracy; kill setting; Klingon Bird-of-Prey; Klingon Empire; Klingons; Klingon history; Klingon Neutral Zone; Klingon Defense Force uniforms; Kobayashi Maru scenario; Kronos One; Lincoln, Abraham; listening post; magnetic boot; magnetic gravity boots; Marcus, David; medical tricorder; military advisor; Morska; neck; neutral zone; neutron radiation; news; Nixon, Richard M.; Okrand; Okrand's Unabridged Klingon Dictionary; olive branch; Operation Retrieve; Paris; parole; penal colony; phaser; photon torpedo; plasma; plasma exhaust; Post, Emily; Praxis; prejudice; Qo'noS; Romulan ale; Romulan Star Empire; Rura Penthe; sabot; sabotage; San Francisco; SD-103; SD-103 type; science station; Shakespeare, William; ship's bell; sickbay; silent running; smoking; Spoken Languages of the Klingon Empire; Starbase 24; Starfleet; Starfleet Academy; sound barrier; stun setting; subspace; subspace shock wave; targ; Tiberian bat; toast; torpedo bay; torpedo launcher; United Federation of Planets; Ursva; viridium patch; Vulcan; Vulcan mind meld; warp drive; Wise, D.; weapons locker; web; Zelonite Library Computer References Edit Ahwahnee, USS; Challenger, USS; Constellation, USS; Constitution-class; Eagle, USS; Efrosian; Emden, USS; Endeavour, USS; Helin, USS; John Muir, USS; Kongo, USS; Korolev, USS; Oberth-class; Oberth, USS; Potemkin, USS; Scovil, USS; Spacedock (Earth); Springfield, USS; Starbase 24; Whorfin, USS Operation Retrieve star chart: Alpha Bayard; Alpha Beaird; Alpha Cooper; Alpha Crum; Alpha Glover; Alpha Johnson; Alpha McCusker; Alpha Myers; Apperson's Asteroid; Arnold's Planet; Baber Nebula; Barnes Nebula; Barnett's Star; Bergman's Planet; Beta Christenberry; Beta Cook; Beta Flinn; Beta Friedlich; Beta Garretson; Beta Lingard; Beta Michaels; Beta Penthe I; Beta Penthe II; Beta Penthe III; Beta Penthe IV; Beta Penthe V; Beta Penthe VII; Beta Penthe system; Beta Schwartz; Beta Sternbach; Breton's Planet; Brookshire's Planet; Buckley's Planet; Cantamessa's Star; Cole's Star; Constitution-class; Cybulski's Planet; Delta Hart; Downer's Star; Excelsior-class; Farrar's World; Foster Nebula; Frazee's Nova; Friedlich Nebula; Gamma Fitzgerald; Gauger Star; Gravesworld; Gullory Nebula; Harstedt's Planet; Hershman's Planet; Hershman's Star; Hodges Nebula; Latonaworld; Meyer's Star; Molly's Star; Moreyworld; Narita's Planet; Nimoy's Star; Nollman's Planet; Nuzzo Station; Okrand Colony; Rao-Beyers; Sasgen's Star; Sector 21166; Sigma Trotti; Stevens Nebula; Theta Gentle; Theta Hulett; Wenselworld; Winter's Nova; Wise Nebula; Zimmerman's Star Federation Star Chart ("The Explored Galaxy"): Aldebaran; Alfa 177; Alpha Carinae; Alpha Centauri; Alpha Majoris; Altair VI; Andor; Ariannus; Arret; Babel; Benecia; Berengaria VII; Beta Aurigae; Beta Geminorum; Beta Lyrae; Beta Niobe; Beta Portolan; Camus II; Canopus III; Capella; Daran V; Delta Vega; Deneb; Eminiar; Fabrini; First Federation; Gamma Canaris N; Gamma Trianguli; Holberg 917G; Ingraham B; Janus VI; Kling; Kzin; Lactra VII; Makus III; Marcos XII; Manark IV; Memory Alpha; Mudd; Omega IV; Omega Cygni; Organia; Orion; Pallas 14; Phylos; Pollux IV; Psi 2000; Pyris VII; Regulus; Remus; Rigel; Romulus; Sarpeid; Sirius; Talos; Tau Ceti; Theta III; Tholian Assembly; Vulcan Unreferenced material Edit Arc; D. Textures that changed every frame were added to the main wave body and over the top of it to give the impression of great speed.[4] Motion control footage of the Excelsior was then scanned into the computer system and made to interact with the digital wave.[41] ILM's "Praxis effect" shockwave became a common feature in science fiction films depicting the destruction of large objects.[62]. The answer could be found as early as "The Corbomite Maneuver". insulting." - Kirk and Spock "Let us redefine progress to mean that just because we can do a thing it does not necessarily follow that we must do that thing." - Federation President, at the peace conference "I can see you, Kirk." "Chang." "Can you see me? Oh, now be honest, Captain, warrior to warrior. The script was finished by October 1990, five months after Nimoy was approached to write the story. Scotty and Uhura come in wanting to know who triggered the alarm by firing the phaser. Porter, Jennifer; McLaren, Darcee, eds. The final lines spoken by Chang before he is obliterated by torpedo fire are lifted from Hamlet's famous soliloquy: "to be, or not to be."[76] Flinn was initially unsure about the numerous classical quotations, but when Plummer was cast, Meyer enthusiastically added more.

The set used for Spock's quarters was the same as the one for Kirk's, but with the addition of a central column. The film, like the others in the set, features 7.1 Dolby TrueHD audio. Star Trek cast and crew (January 27, 2004). The film ends with the last voyage of the ship and crew. The Undiscovered Country is a much more refined sequel, one that is a return to form of the first few films, and in doing so, the filmmakers also add much needed depth to the story, which makes for a truly interesting film. The large, hulking form the shapeshifter Martia assumes while on the surface of Rura Penthe was dubbed "The Brute" by the production team. Both she and Chekov agree they cannot abandon the captain and Dr. "One More Time; at least the producers say 'Star Trek VI' is the final chapter. According to the novel The Star to Every Wandering, at the time of Star Trek Generations, Chekov was working a ground assignment on Earth waiting for an executive officer position to open up.

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